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A group of apes were hanging out on their yachts and swimming by the docs. They hadn’t realized there was a nearby chemical plant dumping pollution in the water. The apes began to slowly look funny over time…

These apes ignored their symptoms until they began to look “other wordly”, like apes from another dimension. They could no longer stand by idly ignoring their fate. They decided to act.

These apes always stayed positive against all odds. There was no stopping their happiness. They vowed to return to their healthy state and fight the pollution simultaneously, cleaning up the marina. They formed “WAYC” the Warped Ape Yacht Club.

WAYC apes were attacked by Pollution Trolls birthed from ocean waste and WAYC DNA from the waters by their Yachts. The WAYC apes fought bravely and temporarily defeated the trolls, but the Apes were scattered in their battle with these ferocious monsters. Some Apes were pushed into the deep forest during their battle while the others stayed and defended their Yacht club by the polluted waters.

In order to keep these Trolls at bay and heal themselves, they have to heal their environment by planting more trees and cleaning the waters. So far, only 200 OG WAYC apes have made it to a safe part of the Jungle and were able to plant 1000 trees when suddenly…

They were attacked by trolls and engaged in an epic battle! The OG’s were victorious and the trolls ran in defeat, but the battle was far from over… The trolls gathered and came up with a plan.

They teamed up with “Brainiac” who told them to consume more pollution… and it gave them abilities beyond imagination.

This is Brainiac aka “Emperor Warpy” and he is one of the founders of the Warped Ape Yacht Club. Brainiac had been observing the situation with the Nemesis Trolls unraveling fast and he decided to take action, in a different kind of way…

The Brainiac teamed up with the Trolls to create army. He is taking DNA from trolls to make a new type of warped creation… These new monsters are truly disfigured warped monsters meant to serve Brainiac and help him take over the world

The Brainiac is making his own army.  He is taking DNA from the trolls to make a new type of warped creation…..

These new monsters are truly disfigured warped monsters meant to serve Brainiac and help him take over the WORLD!

Brainiac has 2 brothers. For now, let’s call them Founder X and Founder Z. They saw what Brainiac was up to and they were devastated. Brainiac never suspected his family would go against him, but they made up their mind he had to be stopped or he really would take over the world!
They broke into Brainiacs lab, stole his monster creation formulas and they traveled as far away as possible. They began building an army of their own… the WAYC army to fight the Nemesis army!